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There is a perfect party venue for every event in Limerick. A number of function rooms are for lease as ideal venues for various social gatherings like personal celebrations, weddings, and birthday parties. Every hotel function room in the area is also right for corporate activities like product launches and conferences. Needless to say, you would certainly find ideal party venues in Limerick for all types of gatherings and occasions.

Whether you are holding a children’s party, a wedding reception, or a Christmas party, you can be sure there are recommended venues for parties in the area. The best Christmas party venues and wedding venues in Limerick are strategically situated in easily accessible locations for all your guests’ convenience.

Party venues are almost always selected as venues for social activities, be it personal or corporate. Stunning views and marvelous ambiance can be cited as among the top reasons why every hotel function room is preferred. Prominent views of picturesque landmarks are among the main factors why many social activities and parties are held at various function rooms in Limerick.

However, your perfect party venue will never be complete without necessary decorations and audio/lighting equipment. That is what is here for. The most happening events venues in Limerick may have the facilities but those can lack final touches to make your party tick. We will provide you with themed decorations, audio and lighting machines, and even DJ services to make sure your event will turn into a bustling and lively one minus the hassles.