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Surprise your friends with an awesome balloon display. Limerick parties can make your night with a spectacular balloon display. We use only high quality balloons for each event. Our experienced and courteous team will consult with you and suggest balloon types and designs because you don’t have to be an expert. We’ll show you exactly what’s out there, which type is best for your needs and you can leave the rest to us. All kinds of shapes available. Amazing selection of print designs. Custom balloons available too with a bit of notice. And because we source direct and don’t gouge you with a huge markup you can be sure you’re getting the best price ever! Helium gas balloons that stay afloat, or, if more suitable, balloons can be tethered to stay up. We will consult with you and figure out which option is best for your needs according to variable like heat, accessibility, safety etc. We have foil balloons and latex balloons to get the exact effect you want. We can organize arches, drops, trees, centerpieces, and sculptures. We can also deliver balloon bouquets to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or just to say “I’m thinking of you”.  Plan a surprise for home, college or at work.  You can also mix and match our balloons with our other inflatables such as palm trees and theme displays.

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Balloons to take your breath away. Big arch displays to tidy little bouquets. Balloons transform a room! Tell us the kind of effect you want and we’ll draw up a plan to make it happen. Foil balloons for glitz, ordinary latex balloons too. Helium gas to keep things up or tethered balloons if more appropriate, we can help you make the choice. Balloons in shapes. Balloons with messages. We can even organize custom print balloons. Special balloons for wedding, 21sts, 40ths etc. Archways, trees, balloon drops and centerpieces organized. We can also deliver balloon bouquets for the loved ones in your life at home, at work, wherever! Also we can add a splash of color to your corporate or PR event with our balloons!


For a fun effect scatter balloons all over. It breaks up the formality of a cold banquet hall. We can organize a balloon drop or free floating displays to add to the chaos and fun! You may not want people bursting the balloons making loud noises or you may think this add to the fun. Either way we can position the balloons for the right effect.
For a more formal and controlled effect we can do balloon displays, balloon arches, balloon sculptures, balloon centerpieces and balloon trees.
Or you can mix and match with more formal displays for the start of the evening and the drops and free floating happening later on in the night when people let their hair down.


Balloons in special shapes or printed to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and New Year, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, weddings, 18ths, 21sts, 40ths, Valentine’s Day, generalized Congratulations and Good Luck designs. Also special balloons for kids and for corporate events.


For that big event we can organize special printing on balloons. This works great at weddings with the couples name or for corporate PR events it adds a more fun easy-going look to what might otherwise look like an austere press conference. A very special gift for your love on Valentine’s day.


Want something different to a floral bouquet? How about “say it with balloons”? A printed or shaped balloon is an imaginative way to say “I Love You” or “Congratulations, Well Done”. Perfect for the lady that hates flowers. Or an innovative addition to a standard bouquet. We will deliver to home, work or college and as an optional extra buy or collect a standard floral bouquet to include in the delivery.


A complement to our balloon display services are other inflatable props. Palm trees, bananas, cars, ghettoblasters and many more items are available as inflatables. Balloons, inflatable props and cardboard cutouts can all work together to make a memorable setting for your party that makes for great photographs and really add to a fancy dress party too!