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If you have the music we can supply you with the DJ gear to play it on. If you need a little help we can set it up for you and organize a bit of training. Hire it a day or two before the event at reduced rates to help you practice.

If you’re organizing a party in your own home you set the closing time, you are the doorman, and best of all you select the music!

Our gear works with your CDs, your laptop or your iPod/iPhone or other MP3 player. We can help you set up iTunes to DJ too. A great party idea is to ask each guest to supply 3 or 4 of their favorite songs. Gear can also be used to make speeches and provide background music. Don’t forget, DJ gear can also be used for Ratpack Music or Classical music to set the tone for a party if your party isn’t a dancing party. Home-friendly DJ gear that is discrete and neat.

We can also supply a microphone suitable for singers if there’s talent in your gang. If you tell us in advance we can also help you plug in a guitar or other instrument, however as different instruments present different technical challenges tell us in advance what you’re planning so we can organize that all you have to do is push up a volume button. Leave all the technical stuff to us!


Our professional uniformed driver will turn up in a professional sign-written vehicle at the time you want. We do not deliver by asking our previous customers to drop to you like some other companies which can make for a security risk. We show you how to use the gear and can offer pointers in what popular songs the young set might ask for or what songs The Rat Pack did sing at The Sands Hotel.


Modern sound gear is very compact and has minimal visual impact on your home. We can lay any wires you want to use carefully and help you with tacking or taping down.


If you hire a function room and want to DJ yourself or maybe just want background music and a few speeches we can hire, help and advise to suit your needs. Although the gear required may be much bigger we can still make it simple to operate and set it up to avoid feedback screeching and blasting people too near the speakers.


You may know what tunes you want but not know the names. We can help you track down those memorable tracks and name that tune!


If you’re planning your event in a marquee, we can supply the sound you need to make speeches, play background music, be your own DJ, use the iPod as a DJ (or other MP3 player) or use the iTunes AutoDJ function. Remember, we do the marquee too!


Don’t just say it with music, say it with pictures too and moving pictures. Projector hire and technical advice for hooking up DVDs, Power Point displays, and video/digital photography displays. Never fear, help IS here!